Mishawaka High School Internship

Mhs 2017

Guided by ND Energy team members Ginger E. Sigmon and Anne Berges Pillai, the internship program for students at Mishawaka High School began in 2013 and has grown each year ever since. Engaging up to ten students annually, students have assisted with and learned from 30 different research projects over the past five years, while receiving credit from the high school for their participation.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, six students completed the program. These highly motivated students came to campus twice a week for laboratory work and participated in supplemental meetings to share their research experiences with fellows interns and to discuss and learn about current energy topics.

The spring semester ended with a poster presentation by the student interns about their research to friends and family members, Mishawaka High School officials, research group members, and others who had an interest in the program. A small celebration was held to honor the participants. 

For more information or to get involved, contact Anne Berges Pillai, Education and Outreach Associate Program Director, at 574-631-9106 or apillai@nd.edu, or Dr. Ginger E. Sigmon, Managing Director, at 574-631-6247 or gsigmon@nd.edu.