Historical Course Offerings

Actinide Chemistry CE 40382 
CHEM 40382 
Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CBE60553
Air Quality and Reactive Transport CE40420
Alternative Energy Devices and Materials EE40447
American Environmental History AMST 30321 
Analysis and Modeling of Hydrologic Systems CE40456
Appalachia: Land and People HIS30027
Audio Technology EE 40345 
Biological Physics PHYS30402
Business Ethics and Laudato Si BAET30303
Business of Energy ENER20202
Business, Climate, and the Common Good BAUG30100
Catholic Social Teaching THEO40613
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I CBE20260
Chemical Process Design CBE 40448 
Chemical Reaction Engineering CBE40445
Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides CHEM 40480 
ENVG 40480 
Chemistry, Environment and Energy CHEM10102
Clean Energy and Storage ENER 14991 
Climate Change and Armed Conflict IIPS40406
Compressible Aerodynamics AME30332
Computational Fluid Dynamics AME50532
Concepts of Energy and the Environment PHYS 10052 
Continuum Mechanics AME60624
Corporate Sustainability Reporting BACM30620
CyberSecurity Case Studies CSE 40935 
Earth Focus PHYS10033
Ecology and Catholic Social Teaching Seminar (1 credit hour) SC30701
Economics of a Green Germany GE 34142 
Economics of Natural Resources ECON43535
Effective Technical Writing for Global Development Proposals ENER 30701
KSGA 30901
Electric Machinery and Power Systems EE 30372 
Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles EE40472
Electricity and Magnetism PHYS30471
Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage CBE60535
Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering CBE40435
Electromagnetic Fields EE 30348 
Energy and Climate CBE40498
Energy and the Environment PHYS10052
Energy Systems AME 54535 
Energy, Economics, and Environment CBE40425
Energy, Society, and the Environment AMST30503
Energy, Technology and Policy EG40401
Engineering Physics PHYS10310
Engineering Physics I: Mechanics PHYS 10310 
Engineering Physics II: Electromagnetism PHYS 10320 
Environment and Civilization HIST10990
Environmental Aquatic Chemistry CE20320
Environmental Biotechnology CE40330
Environmental Chemistry STV20306
STV 20306 
Environmental Economics ECON43530
Environmental Economics and Policy HESB 30321 
Environmental Impact of Resource Utilization ENVG40310
Environmental Justice HESB43537
Environmental Sociology SOC30910
Environmental Systems I ARCH40411
Environmental Systems II ARCH70441
Ethical Leadership in the Sustainable Enterprise BAET40540
Ethics of Sustainability PHIL 20641 
Fundamentals of Combustion AME60636
Fundamentals of Semiconductors EE30347
Gas Turbines and Propulsion AME40431
General Ecology BIOS30312
SUS 30312 
Geochemistry SC40300
Germany and the Environment GE 30112 
Global Change, Water and Energy CE10300
ENVG 20300 
Global Perspectives on Urban Sustainability CE 20701 
GLOBES: Global Change and Civilization ANTH 40805 
STV 40805 
SUS 40805 
Green Japan ASIA 30111 
HIST 30111 
STV 30111 
Heat Transfer AME30334
History of the Environmental Sciences HIST30996
History, Economics and Geopolitics of Oil and Gas ECON 34531 
Inter Fluid Mechanics AME60635
Intermediary Metabolism CHEM30342
Intermediate Heat Transfer AME60634
International Politics of Climate Change POLS30263
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis CBE20255
Introduction to Energy Systems EG 34203 
Introduction to Environmental Engineering CE30300
Introduction to Nuclear Physics PHYS50701
Introduction to Solid State Physics PHYS 50501 
Is There Environmental Crisis? PSY43696
Land Use Policy and Practice FIN30710
Mass Transfer Membrane Systems CBE40667
Mechanics II AME20222
Modeling: Ecology & Environment CBE40472
Molecular  Thermodynamics AME53631
Nanoscience and Technology CHEM40477
Nature and the Built Environment ARCH53621
Naval Ships Systems I NSCI 30301 
Nuclear Forensic Analysis CE40390
Nuclear Warfare PHYS20061
Our Global Environment: History and the Anthropocene HIST30993
Paleoclimatology CE40365
Philosophy of Science and Public Policy PHIL43715
Photonics EE40468
Photovoltaic Sys. Des. for Eng AME50539
Physical Biochemistry CHEM30338
Physical Chemistry for Engineers CHEM30324
Physical Chemistry I CHEM30321
Physical Gas Dynamics AME60632
Physics C: Thermo and Relativity PHYS20433
Physics of Astrophysics PHYS50201
Physics of Cells PHYS50401
Physics of Civilization PHYS10222
Plant Biochemistry and Biofuels: The Power for Life BIOS 30325 
BIOS 40325 
Polymer Chemistry: from Principle to Practice CHEM 40438 
Polymer Science and Engineering CBE40457
Polymer: Principle to Practice CHEM40438
Power Electronics EE40442
Principles of Biochemistry CHEM 40420 
Principles of Molecular Engineering CBE40725
Principles of Physics II: the Physics of Civilization PHYS 10222 
Process Design CBE40448
Radioactivity and Its Implications for Environment and Society PHYS 10063 
Radioactivity and Society PHYS10063
Reading "Laudato Si" from an African Context IDS 30354 
AFST 30751 
IIPS 30607 
SUS 30607 
THEO 40714 
Resiliency of Engineering Systems CE20710
Science and Strategy of Nuclear War PHYS20065
Science, Technology, and Society CDT20510
Scientific Entrepreneurship SC 40500 
Scientific Entrepreneurship (2 credit hours) SC40500
Self, Society and Environment CST 43719 
SOC 43719 
STV 40319 
SUS 43719 
Social Concerns Seminar: Energy and Climate CSC33985
Social Factors and Sustainability ARCH40312
Solutions: Science, Politics, and Saving the Planet POLS40491
Spatio-Temporal Statistics for Environmental Applications ACMS40855
Special Research: Sustainable Design/Technology ARCH67611
Special Studies in Energy Systems AME47530
Special Studies: Designing Energy Efficient Buildings AME 47431 
Statistical Mechanics I CHEM40641
Sustainability and Collapse ANTH13200
Sustainability and Energy Performances of Traditional Architecture ARCH 53413
Sustainability Principles and Practice IDS20997
IDS 20997 
STV 20010 
Sustainable Development in a Changing World CE10700
Sustainable Development: Role of Business BAET30510
Sustainable Performance in Heritage Architecture ARCH 40621 
ENER 40621
The Early Modern Climate HIST30122
The Ethics of Emerging Weapons Technology PHIL 20628 
STV 20228
The Geopolitics of Energy HESB 30313 
IIPS 30578 
POLS 30242 
STV 30242 
The History of Energy in Modern American Life ENER 30668 
HIST 30668
The Politics of Adapting to Climate Change POLS30493
The Politics of Global Environment POLS 30259
Theology and Ecology THEO 20626
Theology, Ethics, and the Environment THEO20616 
Theoretical and Experimental Aerodynamics AME30333
Thermal Physics PHYS30461
Thermodynamics AME20231
Topics in Sustainable Business (1.5 credits) BAET 30520 
MGTO 30790 
Transport Phenomena I CBE30355
Transport Phenomena II CBE30356
Transportation Engineering CE40620
Turbine Engine Components AME60638
U.S. Environmental History AMST30321
Urban Climate Adaption ENER 33001 
SUS 30100
POLS 30172
HESB 33901
CE 30711
Wind Energy CE40440
Wind Turbine Performance, Control and Design AME 40530 
  ENER 40530