Course Development

Course Development Grants


ND Energy supports the development and implementation of new energy-related, 3-credit courses to meet the needs of students in the Energy Studies Minor. The following course development grants were approved for spring 2019 course implementation:


Course Development Proposals


ND Energy invites proposals for funding of up to $5,000 per course from individuals or small teams of faculty. Each course will be taught at least twice over two years on the main campus. Funding may be used to provide summer salary support during preparation of course materials or other aspects of course development.


ND Energy is particularly interested in proposals for courses falling into two broad areas:

  1. A survey of energy resources with an emphasis on sustainable energy:  This course would meet the requirements of a non-departmental engineering course appropriate for advanced second semester first year and upper class students, as well as other students meeting specified prerequisites. The course design should include consideration of fossil fuels, as well as nuclear, biomass and biofuels, hydroelectric, wind, solar thermal and photovoltaics, geothermal, ocean energy, and other future possibilities. Inclusion of topics such as storage, the grid, efficiencies, and transportation are encouraged.
  2. An energy-based “ways of knowing” course suitable for the new core curriculum:  This course would use an integrated approach, co-taught by faculty from two different colleges or disciplines, and be open to all majors. Examples are energy and economics or policy, international energy challenges and solutions, the history of fuels through time and cultures, the safety of nuclear power and its role in our future, etc. Proposals for courses taught by one professor that integrate various aspects of energy will also be considered.

Other Considerations:

  1. The course should expand the curriculum currently being offered to Energy Studies minors. To learn more about the minor and view current and historical offerings, visit our website or use the ENST attribute in NOVO through InsideND.
  2. Courses developed with ND Energy funding will be cross-listed and require a specified number of seats for Energy Studies minors. A letter of support from the awardee’s department chair will be required if the course is chosen for implementation.
  3. The syllabus will remain with ND Energy for use by others in the future, if the awarded faculty stops teaching the course.

Proposal Guidelines:

  1. Provide a brief abstract describing the proposed course and its learning objectives/outcomes, along with an outline of major topics.
  2. Indicate the target level and home department(s) of the course.
  3. Provide a description of the teaching methodology and a few examples of materials/readings that would be used. What would the preferred class size be?
  4. Describe your personal interest in the topic and qualifications for teaching it.
  5. Propose a timetable for the development and implementation of the course.
  6. Propose a budget and brief justification up to $5000 per course for course development or other needs.

Proposal Submission:

  1. Email your proposal to Anne Pillai (
  2. Proposals for future academic years may be submitted at any time.
  3. Notifications will be made in mid-May with funding available immediately.

To discuss ideas for a new course, contact Anne Pillai ( ND Energy has an extensive network on campus and may be able to help find a collaborator, if you have an idea you’d like to explore.