Elective Courses

Any energy-related course offered at Notre Dame may be used as an elective for the Energy Studies Minor. This list varies from semester to semester and may not include all options. Additional courses, including those taken abroad, may be acceptable with pre-approval. A course that teaches a skill that can be applied to energy may be used with pre-approval and proof that some assignments were energy related. Such courses are not included on this list. Use the ENST attribute in Class Search or NOVO to find approved electives.

New this year, there are more courses listed specifically under ND Energy (ENER). In most cases, this guarantees seats for Energy Studies minors. Once those seats are filled, students may register through a cross-listed section. 

Energy Studies minors are required to have the pre-requisites before registering for a course. If minor students believe they can handle the course material or if a class is full, students should contact the professor directly. ND Energy is not able to get students into classes.
For additional information or questions, contact Anne Berges Pillai, apillai@nd.edu.
Spring 2023 - Elective Course Offerings
AI for Good TEC33998
Air Quality and Reactive Transport CE40420
American Environmental History AMST30321
Anthropocene in Iberian Literatures and Cultures ROSP40431
Biology II: Molecules to Ecosystems BIOS10172
Biosocial Determinants of Health BIOS60206
Catholic Social Teaching THEO60614
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I CBE20260
Chemical and Biomolec Eng Thermodynamics CBE20280
Computational Fluid Dynamics AME50532
Concepts of Energy and the Environment PHYS10052
Democracy And Religion POLS43002
Digital Design for Smart Interconnected Systems EE20231
Economics of Climate Change ECON40534
Electric Machinery and Power Systems EE30372
Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles EE40472
Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering CBE40435
Electronic Devices and Systems EE20241
Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices EE30357
Energy Studies Minor Capstone Project ENER37001
Energy Studies Minor Capstone Seminar B ENER37003
Energy Studies Minor Capstone Seminar C ENER37004
Energy, Climate, & Social Change - Washington DC Seminar CSC33985
Energy, Economics, and Environment CBE40425
Engaging Religions: An Introduction to Religion and Global Affairs ASIA30600
Engineering Physics I: Mechanics PHYS10310
Environmental Aquatic Chemistry CE20320
Environmental Chemistry CHEM20204
Environmental Economics IDS30559
Environmental Economics & Policy HESB30321
Environmental Microbiology CE40350
General Ecology BIOS30312
Geographic Information Systems ANTH33201
Global Change, Water and Energy CE20300
Global Environmental Issues & Policy HESB30373
Green Japan HIST35111
Heat Transfer AME30334
Intermediary Metabolism CHEM30342
Intermediate Heat Transfer AME60634
Introduction to Applied Mathematical Methods II ACMS20750
Introduction to Electrical Circuits EE20223
Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems EE20222
Introduction to Hypersonic Systems AME40531
Introduction to Sustainable Development SUS25000
Living and Working on Our Moon: Science fiction or Science Fact? CE30555
Mechanics II AME20222
Mechatronics Lab AME31358
Modern Methods for Electromagnetics Applications EE40055
Modern Physics from Quarks to Quasars PHYS10342
Nanoscience and Technology CBE40477
Optics and Photonics EE40468
Physical Biochemistry CHEM30338
Physical Chemistry for Engineers CHEM30324
Physical Gas Dynamics AME60632
Physical-Chemical Water Treatment Processes CE30320
Physics for Life Sciences I PHYS20210
Policy Lab: Global Challenges to the National Security of the United States KSGA30493
Politics of Public Policy HESB43899
Polymer Science and Engineering CBE40457
Principles of Biochemistry CHEM40420
Process Design CBE40448
Puerto Rico: Road Map to a Renewable Future ENER37002
Relativity: Special and General PHYS50472
Resiliency of Engineering Systems CE30720
Scientific Entrepreneurship SC40500
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy CE30530
Signal and Information Systems EE20221
Solar Energy: Photovoltaic Systems AME60733
Spatio-Temporal Statistics for Environmental Applications ACMS60855
Statistical Mechanics I CHEM40641
Sustainability in Food, Beverage & Agriculture SUS30725
Sustainability: Accounting and Reporting and Impact Investing ACCT30160
Sustainability: Principles and Practices SUS20010
Sustainable Communities & Global Business SUS30715
Sustainable Development in a Changing Wold CE20700
Sustainable Development: The Role of Business MGTO30730
The Business of Energy ENER20202
The Geopolitics of Energy HESB30313
Theology and Ecology ENER20626
Theoretical and Experimental Aerodynamics AME30333
Thermodynamics AME20231
Transport Phenomena II CBE30356
Turbine Engine Components AME60638
U.S. Environmental History HIST30632
Visualizing Politics POLS40815
What is (in)Equality? CSEM23102
1970s America and the Rise of the Culture Wars HIST30610

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