Elective Courses

Any energy-related course offered at Notre Dame may be used as an elective for the Energy Studies Minor. This list varies from semester to semester and may not include all options. Additional courses, including those taken abroad, may be acceptable with pre-approval. A course that teaches a skill that can be applied to energy may be used with pre-approval and proof that some assignments were energy related. Such courses are not included on this list. Use the ENST attribute in Class Search or NOVO to find approved electives.

New this year, there are more courses listed specifically under ND Energy (ENER). In most cases, this guarantees seats for Energy Studies minors. Once those seats are filled, students may register through a cross-listed section. 

Energy Studies minors are required to have the pre-requisites before registering for a course. If minor students believe they can handle the course material or if a class is full, students should contact the professor directly. ND Energy is not able to get students into classes.
For additional information or questions, contact Anne Berges Pillai, apillai@nd.edu.
Fall 2021 - Elective Course Offerings
Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CBE60553
Appalachia: Land and People HIST30027
Audio Technology EE40345
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I CBE20260
Chemical Reaction Engineering CBE40445
Climate Change and Environmental Policy MGA60206
Climate Physics PHYS20054
Computational Fluid Dynamics AME40532
Continuum Mechanics AME60624
Creation, Ecology, Technology THEO20110
Earth Focus ENER20333
Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles EE40472
Electricity & Magnetism PHYS30471
Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage CBE60535
Electromagnetic Fields EE30348
Engineering Physics II: Electromagnetism PHYS10320
Environmental Biotechnology CE40330
Environmental Economics and Policy ECON30531
Environmental Ethics: Ethical Reasoning in the Anthropocene THEO20845
Environmental Microbiology CE40350
Environmental Systems I ARCH40411
Fundamentals of Semiconductors EE30347
Gas Turbines and Propulsion AME40431
General Ecology BIOS30312
Geochemistry CE40300
Global Environmental Issues & Policy KSGA30408
History of US National Security Policy since the 1890s HIST10750
Inter. Fluid Mechanics AME60635
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis CBE20255
Introduction to Environmental Engineering CE30300
Introduction to Quantum Transfer in Nanoscience EE47065
Introduction to Solid State Physics PHYS50501
Nanoscience and Technology CBE40477
Naval Ships Systems I NSCI30301
Nuclear Science for Engineers AME50533
Our Global Environment: History and the Anthropocene HIST30998
Phase Equilibria and Separations CBE30370
Physical Chemistry I CHEM30321
Physics C: Thermo & Relativity PHYS20433
Physics of Astrophysics PHYS50201
Physics of Cells PHYS50401
Physics of Computation EE67032
Planet Earth CE20110
Policy Lab: Sustainability, Ethics, and Natural Resources (1 credit) KSGA40492
Polymer Chemistry: from Principle to Practice CHEM40438
Principles of Physics I PHYS10111
Radioactivity & Society PHYS20063
Science, Technology & Society KSGA20999
Social Concerns Seminar: Energy, Climate, and Social Change (1 credit) CSC33985
Solar Energy: Photovoltaic Systems AME60733
Solid and Hazardous Waste Management CE60340
Sustainability: Principles and Practices ANTH20011
The Ethics of Emerging Weapons Technology PHIL20628
The Science and Strategy of Nuclear War PHYS20065
Thermal Physics PHYS30461
Time Series Analysis ACMS40842
Transport Phenomena I CBE30355
Transportation Engineering CE40620
Water, Disease & Global Health BIOS60610

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