Students should fulfill this one-credit requirement junior or senior year. There are two choices:

ENER 37001: Energy Studies Minor Capstone - students complete an energy-related, hands-on experience prior to or during the capstone semester. Examples include a summer internship, work in a lab, research with a professor, an internship with the city of South Bend, or any other pre-approved activity. The capstone class includes monthly meetings to discuss energy topics, several short papers, and presentations by students about their experiences at the end of the semester.

CSC Seminars: Students may enroll in an energy-focused seminar with the Center for Social Concerns with pre-approval. An example of this is Energy, Climate, and Social Change. Some CSC Appalachia seminars may also qualify.

All ESM students should meet with Anne Berges Pillai ( for pre-approval of the capstone experience.