Capstone Seminars for the Energy Studies Minor

Based on recommendations from energy studies minors over the years, the capstone credit is divided into two half-credit seminars, ENER 37003 and ENER 37004. The first is taken soon after joining the minor while the second is taken either semester senior year. The main goal of the capstone class is to form a network of students from a wide range of majors who are passionate about energy and climate topics. Students choose discussion topics and engage in energy-related experiences that they share with classmates in a conversational setting.

Pre-approved experiences are an important part of the minor. Below are some examples of experiences presented in the seminar over the past few years.

  • Internships with National Grid, NextEra, S&C Electric Company, Ballard-Traylor Joint Venture, Rheem, CME Group, Walbridge, Continental Energy Services, Burns and McDonnell, The Strategic Agency, Connectit; Crossroads Solar, DAT Freight and Analytics, PGIM Fixed Income, Chevron, J.P.Morgan, Valero
  • Research in Notre Dame labs on solar cells, batteries, membranes, 2-D IR Spectroscopy, polymers, fuel cells, nuclear reactions, catalysis, wastewater
  • Projects through the Center for Civic Innovation (CCI) on community solar policy analysis, housing policy, ND-GAIN, tree canopy, and energy audits
  • Trips with the Center for Social Concerns (CSC) to Appalachia and Washington, DC
  • Trip to Puerto Rico with ND Energy (ENER 37002)
  • National competitions in geothermal and solar energy
  • National Lab Research in Idaho, Colorado
  • Personal experiences- solarizing the family business; tracking the carbon footprint of the ND football team; food waste in the produce industry; hockey and climate change; geothermal in New Zealand

For questions and additional details, contact Anne Berges Pillai.