Poster Session

Friday, May 5
3:15-4:30 p.m.

The afternoon poster session featured presentations by Notre Dame postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students on a broad range of research topics in sustainable energy. Participants engaged with presenters while enjoying light refreshments.

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1 Nd Energy 05
Congratulations to poster award winners Hanna Hlushko (#6, Jay LaVerne Lab), Lakna Dayaratner (#2, Adam Jaffe Lab), and Carmen Chamberlain (#1, Peter Burns Lab).
# Researcher Project Title Advisor Department
1 Carmen Chamberlain High Pressure Studies of Boltwoodite and Implications for Used Nuclear Fuel Disposal Peter C. Burns Chemistry
2 Lakna Dayaratne Hybrid Molybdenum Bronzes as a Tunable Material Platform  Adam Jaffe Chemistry
3 Piyush Deshpande Characterizing Sulfur Copolymer Composite Cathodes for All-Solid Batteries Jennifer Schaefer CBE
4 Yipu Du Additive Manufacturing and Scalable Nanomanufacturing of  Sustainable Energy and Sensor Systems Yanliang Zhang AME
5 Denver Haycock Nonthermal Plasma Chemical Models for Atom- and Energy-Efficient Ethane Conversion William Schneider CBE
6 Hanna Hlushko Effect of Zirconium(IV) Oxide Surface Modification with Polyphenols in Water Radiolysis  Jay LaVerne Radiation Lab
7 Grace Hsu Exploring the Change in Uptake and Interatomic Distances of Ion Mixing of Uranyl Oxalate Hydroxide Hydrate with Rubidium and Cesium Counter Cations  Peter C. Burns CEEES
8 Uddhav Markad Reactions of Metal Ions with Water Radiolysis Products in Nuclear Reactor Coolant Water Aliaksandra Lisouskaya Radiation Lab
9 Joshua Morales Isolation of Catalytically Relevant Sites in 2D Extended Solids Through Atom-transfer/exchange Reactions Adam Jaffe Chemistry
10 Wenjie Shang Optimizing Additive Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Materials using Bayesian Optimization-Enhanced Active Machine Learning  Tengfei Luo AME
11 Ilya Sosulin Probing Radiation Stability of Nuclear Separation Ligands: Pulse Radiolysis and EPR Approaches Aliaksandra Lisouskaya Radiation Lab
12 Agboola Suleiman Microporous Iptycene-based Polybenzoxazole Membranes for H2/Alkane Separations Ruilan Guo CBE
13 Raul Torres Cadena Hybrid Tungsten Bronzes: A Tunable Organic-inorganic Platform Adam Jaffe Chemistry
14 Jiaxin Xu High-Performance Polymeric Gas Separation Membrane Designed by Explainable Graph Augmented and Imbalanced Machine Learning Tengfei Luo AME
15 Lingyu Yang Water-Assisted Ion Conduction in Solid-State Charge-Transfer Complex Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries Jennifer Schaefer CBE