Poster Session

5th Annual ND Energy Research Symposium
Thursday, March 31
3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

An important component of ND Energy's research symposium is the poster session for Notre Dame postdoctoral scholars and graduate and undergraduate students during a networking reception. The poster session will feature research projects on a broad range of important topics in energy. Attendees and participants will engage in research discussions while enjoying light refreshments and fellowship. All members of the Notre Dame community are invited to attend.

View Abstract Booklet for more information.  

Current Roster
Researcher Project Title Advisor Department
Savannah Benjamin Transformations of a Uranyl Hydroxide Phase: Probing Alteration Behavior Through High Relative Humidity and Ionizing Radiation Peter C. Burns Chemistry
Jishnudas Chakkamalayath Dynamic Nature of Au Within the Halide Perovskite Lattice Prashant V. Kamat Chemistry
Carmen Chamberlain High Pressure Studies of Uranyl Compounds to Enhance Understanding of 5f-Orbital Bonding Peter C. Burns Chemistry
Bo-An Chen Photoinduced Charge Transfer Between Ag-decorated 2D MoS2 nanosheets and Methyl Viologen Prashant V. Kamat Chemistry
Ziwei (Sebastian) Dai Triptycene-based Poly (benzoxazole) Polymeric Membrane for Gas Separation Ruilan Guo CBE
Wedage Dayaratne Hybrid Bronzes for Energy-Related Applications Adam Jaffe Chemistry
Stefania Dede The Production and Characterization of Thin UO2 Films Ani Aprahamian Physics
Jeffrey DuBose Engineering Excited State Interactions in 2D Halide Perovskites Prashant V. Kamat Chemistry
Greg Durling LCST Ionic Liquid Rational Design and Applications Brandon Ashfeld Chemistry
Zoe Emory Investigating the Degradation of Uranyl Peroxide Clusters Under Ionizing Radiation Peter C. Burns Chemistry
Hanna Hlushko Silicon and Zirconium Ceramic Material Irradiation in the Presence of Water Jay LaVerne Rad Lab
Xiuyu Jin Protection of Perovskite Nanocrystals by In-Situ Surface Photocatalyzed Polymerization Haifeng Gao Chemistry
Anthony Kipkorir Managing Photoinduced Electron Transfer in AgInS2-CdS Heterostructures Prashant V. Kamat Chemistry
Mengdi Liu Thermally Rearranged Polybenzoxazole (TR-PBO) Membranes with Model Network Structures for Gas Separations Ruilan Guo CBE
Kangling Ma 1,2,3-Triazolium Ionic Liquid for Cellulose Dissolution and Functionalization Haifeng Gao Chemistry
Ashabari Majumdar Development of High-Quality Actinide Thin Films Ani Aprahamian, Khachatur Manukyan Physics
Uddhav Markad Reactivity of Zinc Ions in High-Temperature Nuclear Reactor Water Aliaksandra Lisouskaya Rad Lab
Preethi Susan Mathew Spacer Cations Dictate Photoinduced Phase Segregation in 2D Mixed Halide Perovskites Prashant V. Kamat Chemistry
Spencer Ness, Will Tjaden Assessment of the Use of Advanced Non-linear Constitutive Soil Models for the Analysis of Wind Turbine Foundations Yazen Khasawneh, Yahya Kurama CEEES
Nicholas Poole Humidity Induced Carbonation of Uranyl Peroxide Monomer Salts Peter C. Burns CBE
Virginia Rodriguez Direct 226-Ra Measurements by Gamma Spectroscopy of Jackpile Mine and Surrounding Areas Peter C. Burns CEEES
Sydney Shavalier Thermal Transport in Citrate-Capped Gold Nanostructures using a Polarizable Force Field Dan Gezelter Chemistry
Teagan Sweet Synthesis and Characterization of Actinide Borosulfates Peter C. Burns Chemistry
Jackson Vyletel Binding of Per- & Polyfluoralkyl Substances (PFAS) to Cucurbit[7]uril Matthew Webber CBE