Poster Session: Day 2

Friday, November 13
4:00 - 5:30 PM


An important component of the annual ND Energy research symposium is the poster session for postdoctoral scholars and graduate students to showcase their energy-related research projects. This year's event will be held virtually with each participant having 5-10 minutes to present their research project, including time for Q&A. Research projects will be related to one or more of the following focus areas: Energy Conversion and Efficiency, Smart Distribution and Storage, Sustainable Bio/Fossil Fuels, Sustainable and Secure Nuclear, Transformative Solar, and Transformative Wind. Awards will be announced at the end to the top three presenters.

View Abstract Booklet for more information. 

Current Schedule
Time Researcher Project Title Advisor Department
4:01-4:08 Savannah Benjamin Synthetic Metaschoepite Transformations: Effects of High Relative Humidity and Radiation Peter Burns Chemistry
4:09-4:16 Jeffrey DuBose TiO2-Assisted Halide Ion Segregation in Mixed Halide Perovskite Films Prashant Kamat Chemistry
4:17-4:24 Eva Gulotty Ionic Liquid Structure Function Relationships in LCST and UCST Solutions Brandon Ashfeld Chemistry
4:25-4:32 Ashley Hastings Advancements in Actinide MOF Chemistry via Synthesis of Pu-UiO-66 Amy Hixon CEEES
4:33-4:40 Tsuyoshi Kohlgruber Synthesis of Actinide Polyoxometalates Using Ionic Liquid Media Peter Burns CEEES
4:41-4:48 Preethi Susan Mathew Photoinduced Iodide Expulsion from Mixed Halide Perovskites Prashant Kamat Chemistry
4:49-4:56 Neha Mehra Computational Interrogation of Single-Site, Oxide-Supported Group 4 Metal Hydrides for Ethylene Oligomerization William Schneider CBE
4:57-5:04 Bumjun Park Magnesium ion conduction in dual cation exchanged poly(ionic liquid)s electrolytes Jennifer Schaefer CBE
5:05-5:12 Zachary Tucker Thermodynamic and Molecular Descriptors of Sensible Heat Driven Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation Brandon Ashfeld Chemistry