Research Symposium 2021

1200research Symposium 2021d

Achieving Carbon Neutrality
An Emphasis on Global Partnerships and Climate Justice
June 3-4, 1-5 PM (ET)

On Earth Day 2021, ND Energy announced its 4th Annual ND Energy Research Symposium titled, Achieving Carbon Neutrality: An Emphasis on Global Partnerships and Climate Justice. Building upon previous symposia, research presentations, and the goals of the Biden/Harris Administration, ND Energy put together a timely exploration and dialog surrounding the urgency to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and create a clean and sustainable energy future.    

During two consecutive afternoons, the symposium consisted of invited talks, a panel discussion, and two poster sessions aiming to address these goals. Speakers from American University, GE Renewable EnergyThe Climate Registry, University of California-Irvine, University of Michigan, and University of Texas-Austin presented topics, issues, and strategies surrounding the following key questions and encouraged open dialog to elicit important actions leading to successful outcomes:  

  • Why is achieving carbon neutrality crucial to the mitigation of climate change?
  • What major issues and concerns might prevent us from achieving carbon neutrality?
  • What resources, tools, and methods are needed?
  • When should efforts be reevaluated to avoid unjust solutions?
  • What roles do individuals, partnerships, and alliances play in achieving carbon neutrality?
  • How do we ensure outcomes do not create adverse conditions or compromises for individuals, communities, and regions?

The panel discussion focused on creating a sustainable regional network and the importance of partnerships in achieving long-term sustainable goals. Panelists were Notre Dame faculty and administrators from the Center for Civic Innovation, Center for Sustainable Energy, Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative, Pulte Institute for Global Development, and the Office of Sustainability who shared their expertise and accomplishments during this important discussion.

On both days, Notre Dame students and postdoctoral associates presented research projects focused on sustainable and renewable energy solutions; reducing carbon emissions in built and natural environments, transportation, and manufacturing; climate justice; policy development; and more.  

As we embark on this journey to explore new technologies, scientific methods, and compelling evidence to support our actions, we also want to look at the role of partnerships and their importance in achieving carbon neutrality and a clean energy future. The more people involved, the less risk there is in overlooking problems and other issues leading to poorly devised and implemented solutions. Moreover, nurtured and strengthened relationships are more likely to result in successful outcomes. These alliances also support and influence important measures to ensure solutions are implemented fairly, justly, and equitably.   

This event was free and open to the general public. Registrants received a Zoom link to join. 

ND Energy has hosted an annual research symposium since 2018, bringing together researchers, scholars, students, and sustainability professionals from academia, industry, and government to discuss some of the greatest challenges and opportunities in sustainable energy research and development facing the world today. View previous symposia here: 2020, 20192018.

For more information, contact Ginger Sigmon, Barbara Villarosa, or Koby Keck.