SustainaStyle: Unthreading Fast Fashion

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  • This event is open to the Notre Dame community and general public. 
  • Students attending will earn points for their residence hall in the annual Sustainability Cup sponsored by Student Government.
Friday, September 15
1:00-2:30 p.m., Room 1, N135 Duncan Student Center
SustainaStyle: Unthreading Fast Fashion 🏆
Sustainable Fashion

Student Government, in partnership with Strike Magazines, is excited to put on SustainaStyle: Unthreading Fast Fashion, an interactive event during Notre Dame Energy Week. It will be an engaging experience with elements that educate attendees on practical approaches to tackle issues related to material waste and fast fashion. Specifically, attendees will gain insights on sustainable practices for purchasing clothing, clothing mending techniques to prolong the lifespan of garments, and ways to sustainably recycle old clothes. Generally, attendees will also learn more about the energy used in the fast fashion industry.

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