ND Energy facilitates interdisciplinary research in energy-related areas at the University of Notre Dame by providing proposal preparation and award management services to Notre Dame faculty and associated researchers. In cooperation with Notre Dame Research, ND Energy staff are available to consult with faculty and associated researchers at every stage of the proposal and award process.  


Proposal Preparation
  • Identify FOAs/RFPs relevant to PIs core expertise.
  • Assist with identifying and building internal and external collaborations.
  • Provide a checklist of items to be completed in accordance with the FOA Guidelines.
  • Coordinate proposal writing activity – gathering information, organizing meetings, timeline, etc.
  • Write the non-technical sections of the proposal in accordance with the FOA Guidelines.
  • Read the technical and non-technical sections of the proposal and suggest improvements in accordance with the FOA Guidelines.
  • Read and comment on any revisions made to the proposal.
  • Gather the Current and Pending and CV for each PI.
  • Prepare the internal budget and budget justification in accordance with the FOA Guidelines.
  • Provide letters of support from ND Energy for core research facilities, broader impacts, and other related services.
  • Prepare or coordinate the completion of sponsor forms.


Subhash Shinde, Associate Director, 574-631-1425,

Ginger Sigmon, Managing Director, 574-631-6247,

Ian Lightcap, 574-631-1493,

Anne Berges Pillai, 574-631-9106,

Barbara Villarosa, 574-631-4776,  

Koby Keck, 574-631-2416,


Education and Outreach Development
  • Consult with faculty to assess outreach needs and opportunities within the scope of research and make suggestions for connections with existing programs.
  • Develop new education and outreach programs to address specific requirements of the “broader impacts” of the research proposal.
  • Write or provide descriptions of outreach opportunities for the “broader impacts” section of the proposal to include existing programs such as K-12 outreach programs, community events, laboratory tours, seminar speakers, lectureship series, conferences, and any new programs that are developed to address specific requirements of the research proposal.
  • Communicate, promote, and help execute existing and new education and outreach programs, including inviting speakers for seminars, lectures, and conferences and developing promotional materials such as articles, flyers, and posters.
  • Maintain a list of faculty interested in various outreach events to best match faculty interests to outreach opportunities.

Consultant:  Anne Berges Pillai, 574-631-9106,


Project Management and Financial Coordination
  • Manage project goals and provide operational oversight as needed.
  • Manage all aspects of the grant budget, including tracking and projecting expenditures, identifying and reconciling anomalies, approving invoices, and requesting budget revisions and cost or no-cost extensions, interfacing with Notre Dame Research and Sponsored Programs Accounting.
  • Coordinate the hiring process of researchers on the project with appropriate department personnel.
  • Organize and coordinate group meetings to assess progress on the project.
  • Assist with quarterly progress reports and production deadlines by collecting data from researchers and subcontractors, organizing materials, and submitting quarterly progress reports in accordance with sponsor requirements.
  • Consult as needed with the PI and provide monthly reports on budget activities and areas requiring attention.

Consultant:  Barbara Villarosa, 574-631-4776,