Ginger E. Sigmon

Managing Director

301 Stinson Remick Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
574-631-6247 phone
574-631-3520 fax

Ginger E. Sigmon joined the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy) in July 2014 as the managing director.  She has been a member of the Notre Dame family since 2009 as the managing director of the Materials Science of Actinides, Energy Frontier Research Center in 2009. Under the direction of Peter C. Burns at the University of Notre Dame, Ginger received a Ph.D. in actinide materials (2010).  Selected works include uranyl peroxide nanoclusters and neptunium materials. She received her bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and geology from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC (2005).


Ginger’s current responsibilities with ND Energy are as follows:

  • Develop campus collaborations by recruiting faculty to ND Energy and establishing on-campus partnerships with other centers/institutes/initiatives and colleges/departments
  • Plan and execute topical conferences
  • Coordinate proposal preparation with ND Energy affiliated faculty and associated researchers
  • Provide high level oversight of education and outreach activities and the Energy Studies Minor
  • Direct the Mishawaka High School Research Internship Program