Associated Researchers

Associated researchers are graduate students and postdoctoral scholars working with ND Energy affiliated faculty to address some of the most critical energy challenges facing the world today. To support advancements in energy-related research, ND Energy provides regular opportunities for associated researchers to discuss their research projects with their peers and to participate in outreach activities to share their research with the broader community.

If you are a new researcher working with an ND Energy affiliated faculty member and would like to be notified of these and other energy-related activities, contact us


Each month ND Energy hosts a luncheon seminar for associated researchers. The seminars are designed to facilitate cross-disciplinary research collaborations and to provide a forum for researchers to gain a better understanding of the energy-related research programs at Notre Dame. Up to two associated researchers are invited each month to present their projects. Topics and key discussion points are highlighted below and in the linked articles.

If you have any questions or would like to present at an upcoming seminar luncheon, please contact Koby Keck at