ND Energy “Energizes” Engineering Students and Parents during Junior Parents Weekend


ND Energy welcomed nearly 1​6​0 parents to the Energy Laboratory T​ours on Saturday, February 20, in Stinson-Remick Hall. “We (ND Energy) could not have been happier with the number of parents who had attended, all of whom seemed genuinely enthusiastic and eager to learn about energy research at Notre Dame,” according to Ginger Sigmon, managing director for ND Energy. ND Energy is appreciative of the faculty and associated researchers who made this day possible. It was because of their participation and research expertise that parents and students walked away with a better understanding and appreciation of the research that is being done in the Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering. 

The event began with a brief introduction of ND Energy, hosted by Dr. Sigmon. To view the slide presentation, click here. Afterwards,


parents and students enjoyed light refreshments and time for fellowship. Participants were then guided to the following laboratories for brief presentations and tours of the instruments.

Energy Frontier Research Center for the Materials Science of Actinides, hosted by Dr. Peter C. Burns, Massman Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, EFRC Director, ND Energy Director, and Tyler Spano, Graduate Student in the Center for the Materials Science of Actinides.

  • The Center for the Materials Science of Actinides specializes in highly complex actinide materials, such as materials for fuels, waste forms, or separations, with an emphasis on the nanoscale. The center is an Energy Frontier Research Center, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.


Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility, hosted by Dr. Patrick Fay, Professor of Electrical Engineering

  • The Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility facilitates a wide range of cutting-edge research in fields that include high performance electronic devices, optical electronic processes, microelectromechanical systems, nanomagnetics, microfluidics, and bioengineering. 



ND Energy Laboratories, hosted by Dr. Ian Lightcap, Research and Facilities Program Director for ND Energy

  • The ND Energy Laboratories consist of 2,000 square feet of superb laboratory space in a visible location, equipped with bench tops, shelving, cabinet space, and gas hookups for air and nitrogen, plus a vacuum in 116. Space is provided to Notre Dame Researchers with active energy-related research projects and provides a unique opportunity for research collaborations and building community. Some of the research projects include water treatment research, materials and ion transport processes in rechargeable batteries, and nuclear forensics analyses.

ND Energy is delighted to provide laboratory tours upon request to campus visitors. If you are interested and would like to schedule a tour during an upcoming visit, please contact Dr. Ginger Sigmon at 574-631-6247 or sigmon@nd.edu.