PD&GS Luncheon Seminar: Anthony Kipkorir and Hui Xu

Pdgs November 2022

Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students associated with ND Energy faculty affiliates are invited to attend the monthly PD&GS Luncheon Seminar. Seminars provide a regular forum for group members to share their research projects, network with peers, and practice their communication skills before a major conference. Presenters also may opt to receive formal feedback on their presentations from their peers.

The scheduled speakers for November's seminar are:

  • "Managing Photoinduced Electron Transfer in AgInS2-CdS Heterostructures" by Anthony Kipkorir (Kamat lab)
  • "Operando Surface-Enhanced Raman-Scattering (SERS) Platform for Studying the Structure and Dynamics of CO2 Facilitated Transport in Amine-based Membranes in Complex Environments" by Hui Xu (O'Brien lab)

Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students interested in attending can contact Koby Keck to RSVP.