PD&GS Luncheon Seminar: Liliya Chernysheva and Mortaza Saeidi-Javash

Pdgs April 22

Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students associated with ND Energy faculty affiliates are invited to attend the monthly PD&GS Luncheon Seminar. Seminars provide a regular forum for group members to share their research projects, network with peers, and practice their communication skills before a major conference. Presenters also may opt to receive formal feedback on their presentations from their peers. 

The scheduled presentations for April's seminar are:

  • "Abiotic Transformation of Perfluoroalkyl Acid (PFAA) Precursors Found Indoors to Terminal Products" by Liliya Chernysheva (Doudrick lab)
  • "Microscale Additive Manufacturing of Functional Devices for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting" by Mortaza Saeidi-Javash (Zhang lab)

Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students interested in attending can contact Koby Keck to RSVP.