Turning Magnetism into Electricity


We often consider a battery/power supply a necessity to generate electricity. However, did you know that we can create electricity with a single magnet? And did you know that the reverse is also true — that we can construct magnets out of electricity?

This workshop introduces some of the fundamentals of electromagnetism:

  • how moving magnets create and manipulate electricity
  • how the direction of a magnetic field directs the behaviors of electricity
  • how we implement these ideas into building electric motors, maglev (magnetic levitation) trains, and other technologies


  • Observe how to create electricity with a magnet and vice versa on real equipment.
  • Take part in simulation games to computationally experiment on how to generate electricity and magnetism.
  • Learn about magnetic fields and the concept of electric current.
  • Learn about the famous Faraday’s and Biot-Savart laws that describe the relationship between magnetism and electricity.

Presented by Wynona Wan, NFCDS Pedagogy Fellow, graduate student in the Department of Physics

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Open to Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Postdocs, Faculty, Staff.


Sponsored by the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship

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