ACS PHYS Experimental & Theory Graduate Student Award Symposium and Panel Discussion


Finalists for the Graduate Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry sponsored by the ACS Experimental Physical Chemistry subdivision and The Journal of Physical Chemistry will present their research at the ACS PHYS Experimental & Theory Graduate Student Award Symposium and Panel Discussion on Friday, September 17, via Zoom. Register to receive the Zoom link to join the presentation by Jeffrey DuBose (Kamat lab)! 


Two sessions will be held. In each session, four speakers will give 15‐minute presentations, followed by a 20‐minute panel Q&A.

Eilers Jeff Dubose Head Shot Small

Jeffrey DuBose, University of Notre Dame
Advisor: Prof. Prashant Kamat
Controlling Energy Transfer in Perovskite‐Chromophore Complexes

Leopoldo Mejia Restrepo, University of Rochester
Advisor: Prof. Ignacio Franco
Mechanical Control of Charge Transport and Chemical Reactivity in Molecular Junctions

Dinumol Devasia, University of Illinois‐Urbana‐Champaign
Advisor: Prof. Prashant Jain
Label‐free Tracking of Photocatalysis on Single Nanoparticles

Diptarka Hait, University of California‐Berkeley
Advisor: Prof. Martin Head‐Gordon
Orbital Optimized Density Functional Theory for Electronic Excited States

Abigail Dommer, University of California‐San Diego
Advisor: Prof. Rommie Amaro
From Viruses to Sea Spray: Applications of All‐Atom Molecular Dynamics to Mesoscale Environmental and Biological Systems

Lauren McCarthy, Rice University
Advisor: Prof. Stephan Link
Investigating the Polarization‐Dependent Scattering of Plasmonic Nanoantennas Under Confined‐Light Illumination

Hannah Katherine Wayment‐Steele, Stanford University,
Advisor: Prof. Rhiju Das
Theoretical Basis and Computational Design of Superfolder mRNA Therapeutics

Jeremy Schultz, University of Illinois‐Chicago
Advisor: Prof. Nan Jiang
Probing Nanostructures on Surfaces at the Angstrom‐Scale with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Tip‐Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy


Physical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society and The Journal of Physical Chemistry


Experimental and Theoretical Physical Chemistry Subdivisions of the ACS.

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