Laudato Si’ Week 2021

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Laudato Si’ Week 2021, to be held May 16-25, will be the crowning event of the Special Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year, and a celebration of the great progress the whole Church has made on its journey to ecological conversion.

Laudato Si’ Week 2021 will also be a time to reflect on what the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us and prepare for the future with hope.

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Laudato Si’ Week General Program

All of the events will be broadcast on GCCM's social media and other channels. In addition, every day, there will be a live show broadcasted at 1 p.m. CET to highlight how Laudato Si’ has inspired Catholics around the world. 

Monday, 17 May
Laudato Si Dialogue: Critical Opportunities in 2021 to create change: call for an integral path.

Sponsored by: CIDSE, Cafod and GCCM
Outline: 90 minutes
Language: English

Highlight the political opportunities in 2021 to create change, the essential relevance and inspiration of the Encyclical letter Laudato Si’ and a Catholic voice on preparations for UN’s CBD COP15 summit on biodiversity as well as the COP26 climate summit as we continue the COVID pandemic response, stressing the 1.5C call.

Tuesday, 18 May
2 PM CET Laudato Si Dialogue on Education

Outline: 90 minutes
Language: English

During the Laudato Si’ Dialogue on Education, we’ll highlight universities and institutions around the world that have made Laudato Si’ an integral part of their curricula and that are using Pope Francis’ encyclical to educate the whole person.

Leaders from renowned institutions across the globe will share practical experiences about how they use Laudato Si’ to inspire students, and they’ll offer tips to other institutional leaders seeking to do the same in their part of the world.

Wednesday, 19 May
Laudato Si Dialogue on Energy and Fossil Fuels:  Global Catholic Divestment Drumbeat

Outline: 90 minutes
Language: English

An online dialogue to raise awareness about the role of energy and fossil fuels in the crisis of our common home, including health impacts, while bringing attention to the Vatican’s divestment guidelines and the largest faith and Catholic divestment commitment to date. The panel will encourage the audience to consider the importance of ethical investment guidelines and invite them to join LSAP to guide their path.

Thursday, 20 May
Sowing Hope for the Planet / Creation Care Prayer Network.
Organised by: JPIC UISG-USG
Outline: 90 minutes
Language: English

Eco-spirituality brings hope to a troubled world. Please join us for an opportunity to share in the fruitfulness of the work of Sowing Hope for the Planet. In this session, we will journey with men and women religious engaged in promoting Laudato Si'. We will celebrate stories of ecological conversion, both personal and communal. Examples of integrating conscious prayer and sacred action will be shared.

Friday, 21 May
Global Action Day for Our Common Home

A global call for individuals, communities, and institutions worldwide are invited to organise a concrete action to care for our common home.

Saturday, 22 May
Laudato Si Festival “Songs for creation”. 
Outline: 90 minutes
Language: Spanish, English

The cultural festival “Songs for Creation” will present biodiversity lost in the world and its consequences, focusing on the biodiversity problems in the artists’ and musicians’ regions. 

Given the complexity of the ecological crisis and its multiple causes, we need to realise that the solutions will not emerge from just one way of interpreting and transforming reality. Respect must also be shown for the various cultural riches of different peoples, their art and poetry, their interior life and spirituality (LS #63)

Sunday, 23 May
(Pentecost). Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year Closing Praying Gathering / Missionary Sending
Monday, 24 May
11:30 PM CET
Roundtable about WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)  in Catholic health care facilities

Organised by: Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development
Outline: 75 minutes
Language: English with translations into Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Following the publication of the document Aqua fons vitae and the press release of March 21st, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development is pleased to provide an update on its WASH project (access to drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in a selected number of health care facilities belonging to the Catholic Church.

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