"Quantum Information Science at the Energy and Intensity Frontiers in High Energy Physics" by Keith Baker


An anomalous behavior in the momentum distribution of particles produced in high-energy physics experiments can be attributed to the dynamics of entanglement and entanglement entropy in these studies. In processes where entanglement is expected to manifest itself, a thermal behavior is exhibited, and in those cases where entanglement is not expected, this thermal behavior is absent in the momentum distribution. This presentation will highlight these phenomena using results from the LHC and from Fermilab.


Prof. Baker’s research is in experimental particle physics: The energy frontier at the Large Hadron Collider in the ATLAS collaboration and precision studies at sub-eV energies.  Current topics include quantum information science in HEP, electroweak symmetry breaking, and beyond the standard model physics searches.

Seminar sponsored by the Department of Physics. All interested persons are invited to attend remotely—email for information.