(CANCELED) "Sustainable Aviation Fuel Use in Commercial Aviation – Demand and Drivers" by Chris Tindal

Chris Tindal

Due to Notre Dame's restriction on travel and events through April 13, this seminar has been canceled. 


The use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a major driver towards lower carbon emissions and better sustainability within the aviation industry.  In the future, energy security and fuel source flexibility will also play a role in better adoption of the use of these sustainable, drop-in replacement fuels.  Commercial aviation, and to a smaller extent, business aviation is now taking on a role of implementing the use of sustainable aviation fuels within the aviation industry.  This presentation will communicate the latest status on the acceptance and use of sustainable aviation fuels in the commercial and business aviation communities, along with what is driving these initiatives.


Chris Tindal is the Assistant Director for the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) whose goal is to promote the development and commercialization of alternative jet fuel options that offer equivalent levels of safety and compare favorably on cost with petroleum based jet fuel, while also offering environmental improvement and security of energy supply for aviation.  He helps to manage the coalition of CAAFI stakeholders and provide leadership and strategic guidance to CAAFI's State and Regional programs, Federal government interagency initiatives, airport authorities, and International initiatives consistent with CAAFI priorities.

Chris is an Adjunct Professor on the faculty of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Queensland.  In that role, Professor Tindal assists in exploring research and development opportunities for QUT, as well as investigating potential opportunities to establish commercial scale biorefineries in the State of Queensland.

Chris received an appointment as the Strategic Biofutures Advisor to the State of Queensland.  He provides a direct in-market connection between the Queensland Government and key industry stakeholders, both globally and domestically, but particularly within North America with a view to helping cement business relationships and projects for Queensland.  The role was created to help identify and target strategic opportunities for North American-based biofutures organizations to establish operations in Queensland.

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