Advances, Challenges, and Long-Term Opportunities for Electrochemistry: Addressing Societal Needs

The Chemical Sciences Roundtable is hosting a 2-day workshop on the advances, challenges, and long-term opportunities for electrochemistry. This event will be streamed live in the Radiation Laboratory Auditorium, hosted by Prof. Prashant Kamat. Registration is not required and researchers are welcome to attend as their schedules allow (see agenda for details).

About this Workshop

Advances in electrochemistry are enabling new developments in energy storage, energy conversion, catalysis, separations, and instrumentation. This workshop will (1) review emerging applications of electrochemistry, (2) discuss instrumentation, educational, human resource, and other needs to enable advances in electrochemistry, and (3) forecast new technologies and processes that could be developed given breakthroughs in fundamental and applied research in electrochemistry. Ultimately, the workshop will explore the future of electrochemistry, which could transform technologies across various applications. Join us for an informative selection of plenary talks and in-depth panel discussions to explore the frontiers of electrochemistry.

More details about this event can be found on the CSR website.

Final Agenda