Faculty Luncheon: "Energy Harvesting," by Tengfei Luo and Yanliang Zhang

Sept19 Faculty Lunch

ND Energy Faculty Luncheon Seminars are held monthly with interested faculty to facilitate cross-disciplinary research collaborations and to enable development of proposal ideas for upcoming funding opportunities. All interested faculty from diverse fields are invited to attend.

The discussion topic for this luncheon will be centered around Energy Harvesting with presentations by Prof. Tengfei Luo on “Directional Solvent Extraction Desalination Using Low Grade Waste Heat,” and Prof. Yanliang Zhang on "Nanoscale to Macroscale Engineering of Thermoelectric Energy and Sensor Systems."

Each of these talks will be 20-25 minutes long and will be followed by a discussion focused on (1) Cross-disciplinary research needs, (2) potential avenues for external and internal collaborations, (3) funding sources to target, and if everyone is agreeable, (4) follow-up actions that we can track. With your active engagement, we expect to have a very stimulating and inspiring exchange of ideas.