Sustainability Expo: Research, Education, and Career Development Opportunities for Notre Dame Students

The Sustainability Expo has moved to the fall!


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This new time frame aligns with Notre Dame's Fall Career Fair, providing a unique opportunity for employers, researchers, and educators to engage with undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Notre Dame. Students will explore professional development opportunities and seek career advice from exhibitors who will share information about their research projects, academic and experiential learning programs, internships, job openings, and other resources in the areas of energy, the environment, and sustainability studies. Questions about participant registration should be directed to Barbara Villarosa at or 574-631-4776. 

Exhibitor Program Description Opportunity(ies) for Students
Be Green Packaging Eliminating the consumption of single use plastics in food service. Internship, Job
Berke Research Group Researching past climate by using sediments from lakes and oceans to reconstruct how conditions likely changed in the past. Research
Burns Research Group Conducting research into the chemical and thermodynamic properties of actinide compounds and minerals, with a focus on research questions relating to the nuclear fuel cycle and national security. Research
C-Club Student club dedicated to solving issues in the three ”C’s” (Climate Change, Clean Energy, and Conservation). The club hosts the annual C-Prize competition in which teams of students submit ideas to solve a problem for a nonprofit organization of their choice that does work within the three “C’s.” Experiential Learning
Center for Career Development Supporting students exploring careers in environmental studies and sustainability. Education, Experiential Learning
Center for Civic Innovation Promoting the common good by building partnerships between Notre Dame faculty, staff, and community organizations that foster innovative research and educational programs.  Internship
Center for Innovative and Strategic Transformation of Alkane Resources (CISTAR) NSF-funded Engineering Research Center whose mission is to create a transformative engineered system to convert light hydrocarbons from shale resources to chemicals and transportation fuels in smaller, modular, local, and highly networked processing plants. Research
Crossroads Solar Producing solar panels with former felon labor force. We will produce industry standard solar panels with local labor force who have traditionally proven to be difficult to hire. It is a social enterprise organized around a sustainable (profitable) business model. Research, Internship
Energy Studies Minor Offering coursework in a wide range of energy-related topics, many related to sustainability. Education, Experiential Learning
enFocus Empowering talent to build better communities. We work on a variety of community-based innovation projects, with some having a sustainability focus each year. Internship, Job
Environmental Change Initiative Providing solutions that minimize the trade-offs between human welfare and environmental health where trade-offs are unavoidable, and discovering win-win solutions where they are possible. Research, Internship
Environmental Sciences Major Program of study supporting future participation in service and research careers in environmental science and sustainability. Education
Food Rescue Minimizing waste and helping feed the underprivileged by driving leftover food from the dining halls, Au Bon Pain, and catered events to homeless shelters and charities in South Bend. Experiential Learning
GE Renewable Energy Division of General Electric headquartered in Paris, France focusing on production of energy from renewable sources. Its portfolio of products includes wind, hydroelectric and solar power generating solutions. Internship, Job
Goshen College Providing a sanctuary for northern Indiana's native plants and animals, environmental education for people of all ages, and re-creating opportunities that benefit the body and spirit. Education, Experiential Learning
GreeND Aiming to actively engage Notre Dame’s students, staff/faculty, and administration through various opportunities on and off campus for sustainability education, awareness, appreciation, and participation. Education, Experiential Learning
Gupta Research Group Aiming to design novel mechanisms for electricity markets to enable the reliable integration of intermittent renewable generation. Research
Hixon Research Group Supporting a sustainable nuclear fuel cycle. Research
IDEA Center Providing the necessary space, services and expertise for idea development, commercialization, business formation, prototyping, entrepreneurial education and student entrepreneurial efforts. Education, Experiential Learning
Inovateus Solar LLC National solar builder and developer headquartered in South Bend, engineering and constructing multiple solar arrays for Notre Dame, including the Kenmore array by the airport. In addition to our clean energy goals, our stewardship team is working to implement sustainability initiatives across all areas of our company. Research, Education, Internship, Job, Experiential Learning
John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values Interdisciplinary educational programs bridging science and society. Research, Education
Kellogg Institute for International Studies Training and funding students to do research and internships in the developing world. Students may also join the International Development Studies minor. Research, Education, Internship, Experiential Learning
Keough School of Global Affairs 

The Keough School advances integral human development through research, policy and practice; transformative educational programs, and partnerships for global engagement.

Research, Education, Internship
Lightcap Research Group Advancing zero-emission fuel cell and CO2 reduction technology using uniquely created nanoparticle catalysts  Research
Marathon Capital, LLC Investment bank focused on the global power and infrastructure markets. Our mission is to provide deep expertise, scale, experience and talent to help maximize our clients' strategic and financial objectives. Internship, Job
Mechtenberg Research Group The Energy and Sustainable Development with Design (ESDD) Laboratory conducts research in low- to middle-income countries focusing on socio-technical design research involving hybrid minigrid and vehicle power management, the Energy E3 pedagogy and propagation model, global health risks related to unreliable electricity, and renewable energy designs including the weaved wind turbine blades.  Research
Minor in Sustainability Multidisciplinary approach preparing students to serve as leaders in their communities by making constructive and substantive contributions to the development of more sustainable practices for the benefit of their own personal and professional lives, the lives of others, and the lives of future generations. Education, Experiential Learning
MoonTree Studios Challenging people to experience mindfulness as they fearlessly explore the interconnectedness of art, nature, and the spirit within. Through participation in MoonTree experiences, people awaken to their creative potential and sow the seeds for a more mindful, compassionate and sustainable Earth community. Research, Education
ND Energy University-wide research center enabling new developments in energy research and providing custom services and state-of-the-art instrumentation through the Material Characterization Facility. Students will learn about research areas in energy and how they can get involved by applying for ND Energy's Eilers, Slatt, and Forgash research fellowships. Research
NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowship program offering 10-week summer research opportunities to work with Notre Dame faculty engaged in research conducted at the nanoscale. Research, Job
Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development Collaborating with faculty and students on research related to climate, energy, water, and sustainable cities and how these research areas relate to poverty and inequality. Research, Education, Internship
Notre Dame Office of Sustainability Striving to be a leader in sustainable operations, education and research, and a role model for responsible citizenship. Notre Dame recognizes its responsibility to conserve the natural environment while promoting long-term economic and social justice for all members of society and works to foster a pervasive focus on the connection between environmental stewardship and the Common Good. Education, Research
Ptasinska Research Group Conducting solar energy-related research with specific emphasis on our atmospheric pressure plasma system used for the cost-effective synthesis of certain photocatalytic materials used for solar cell applications. Research
Resiliency and Sustainability of Engineering Systems Minor Educating students to become successful leaders who understand the complexity of the multi-hazard challenge in a changing world and can offer meaningful solutions. Research, Education, Internship, Experiential Learning
South Bend Green Corps Addressing sustainability, energy reduction, and water efficiency solutions in the City of South Bend by tackling resource gaps, boosting knowledge and education around sustainability issues, and connecting with residents to build participant driven goals. Internship, Job
St. Joseph County Parks Enhancing the quality of life for St. Joseph County residents by conserving significant natural areas, offering quality programs that promote understanding and stewardship of our natural resources and providing safe, well-maintained park facilities that enhance visitor experiences. Internship
Student Energy Board Group of volunteers helping to coordinate activities on and off campus that relate to sustainability. Education, Experiential Learning
Student Government Sustainability Department Working to inform the student body about the importance of sustainability. Along with other sustainability groups on campus, we aim to increase awareness about the energy and resources used on campus and reshape Notre Dame and its students to be more environmentally conscious. Experiential Learning
Sunrise Movement Building a movement of young people to make climate change an urgent political priority in the U.S. Internship, Experiential Learning
UCapture Green-tech platform that funds carbon offset projects and combats climate change. When you shop using UCapture technology, a portion of your spending is contributed to carbon offset projects at no extra cost to you. Job
UNDERC Providing unsurpassed undergraduate education programs on the environment and innovative graduate training for students from Notre Dame and around the world. UNDERC provides opportunities for under-represented groups in STEM disciplines, including Native American and Puerto Rican students. Education, Internship

For additional information, see the recap of the Spring 2019 Sustainability Expo or contact Barbara Villarosa at

The Sustainability Expo is sponsored by the Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano), Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy), John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology and ValuesMeruelo Family Center for Career DevelopmentMinor in Sustainability, and Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI). 

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