"Moving the Needle on Adoption of Conservation Practices in Midwestern Agriculture," by Linda Prokopy



Land use changes, farm management practices, water pollution, climate change, and other human activities all threaten our natural resources here in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. For 15 years, Dr. Prokopy has performed extensive research on farmers’ adoption of conservation practices that improve water quality and soil health. In this talk, she will synthesize and share how she has used her research to influence both conservation practice and policy discussions on how to best motivate farmers, stakeholders, and citizens of all kinds to participate in more environmentally friendly behaviors and practices.


Linda Prokopy earned her PhD in Environmental Planning at UNC Chapel Hill and now serves as a professor in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University. She currently leads as director of the Indiana Water Resources Research Center and is the chief editor for Society and Natural Resources. You can follow her on Twitter @lprokopy where she discusses all things watershed management and beautiful sunsets while traveling. 

Seminar sponsored by GLOBES at the Reilly Center

GLOBES Seminar Flyer