"From technical success to commercial traction: How to disrupt conventional wastewater treatment, and should we?" by Dwight Houweling

Dwight Houweling


This talk will provide an overview of the commercial development of ZeeLung™: a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor technology (MABR). MABR has been in various stages of development since the 1980s but is only now achieving commercial traction. What does it take to turn a great idea into a viable technology that can change the world? What is the role of the equipment vendor in driving innovation? This talk will discuss these questions within the context of the current industry shift from wastewater pollution control, to wastewater resource recovery. 


Dwight is the ZeeLung process team leader at SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions where he leads a variety of R&D activities related to development and commercialization of membrane aeration biofilm reactors. Prior to joining SUEZ, Dwight worked with a global consulting firm on the design and optimization of municipal sewage plants and as a process modelling software developer.

Seminar sponsored by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences