Using Engineering to Promote Resilient Neighborhoods in South Bend Through Community-Engaged Design Thinking

Join us to hear from Alicia and Sara, two recent graduates of Notre Dame's College of Engineering, talk about their experiences in South Bend. Their work utilizes empathetic and technical problem-solving in engineering projects focused on community engagement, particularly the Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem (BCe2) program. Notre Dame's engineering programs help to connect technical problem-solving skills to real-world community issues and improving quality of life right here in South Bend.

Seminar Speakers

Alicia Czarnecki is a 2017 graduate of the University of Notre Dame in Environmental Engineering. She was the 2016 program manager for the Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem and has been involved in a volunteer context ever since. Alicia is currently a Project Engineer for the City of South Bend Public Works Department. She is originally from Hastings, MI, but has found a new home in South Bend after graduation. 

Sara Boukdad is a 2016 graduate of the University of Notre Dame in Environmental Engineering and 2015 from Stonehill College. She is the current internship program manager at the University of Notre Dame’s new Center for Civic Innovation. She is originally from Boston, MA but decided to stay in South Bend post-graduation after receiving a fellowship position at enFocus in downtown South Bend.

Seminar sponsored by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences