Faculty Luncheon Seminar: Light-matter interactions

Faculty Luncheon September 2018

Faculty Luncheon Seminars are held monthly with interested faculty to help facilitate cross-disciplinary research collaborations and to help faculty gain a better understanding of the various energy-related research programs at Notre Dame. All interested faculty are invited to attend.

The discussion topic for the luncheon on September 27 will be "Light-Matter Interactions." 

The faculty listed below will present a 10 minute (or less) overview of their research area and the fundamental research questions in the topical area that they believe could be addressed with other UND collaborations. This 40-minute session will be followed by discussion among all the presenters and attendees focused on (1) potential avenues for external and internal collaborations, (2) funding sources to target, and (3) if everyone is agreeable, follow-up actions that we can track.

The presentations for this meeting will feature talks by Anthony HoffmanSvetlana Neretina, Jon Camden, and Greg Hartland.