Life Beyond the ND Bubble

Adulting can be hard, but the Notre Dame Alumni Association is here to help. With graduation approaching, an incredible group of guest speakers — including Lou Holtz and Mayor Pete Buttigieg — are assembling on campus to help seniors and graduating grad students get ready for the demands of the real world.

Life Beyond the ND Bubble is designed to help prepare soon-to-be graduates for managing life outside Notre Dame and all the new challenges that come with it—from retirement planning and budgeting to apartment hunting and responsible use of social media. It is a free event, and students can come and go throughout the day.

You’ll learn about the importance of starting to save for your retirement now, and you’ll pick up tips on budgeting and networking in your workplace. You’ll hear about the incredible value that comes with following your passions, and you’ll even be taught how not to embarrass yourself on social media. You’ll get best practices on finding an apartment, choosing the right insurance plans, staying connected to Notre Dame. All this, plus cooking demonstrations, wine education and tasting, incredible prizes, and a whole lot more!

All attendees who register by January 31 will be eligible to win one of 10 $30 Amazon gift cards. The winners will be announced by Lou Holtz at the conclusion of his remarks! You’ll have to be there when Coach Holtz announces your name, so make sure you’re on time!  Register at

Sponsored by the Notre Dame Alumni Association