Undergraduate Sustainability Research and Education Expo - SAVE THE DATE!

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Students are invited to "save the date" for the annual Undergraduate Sustainability Research and Education Expo. This event draws a wide variety of campus faculty seeking research assistants, educators seeking new students, and community leaders and local organizations seeking interns. The Expo is a great way for students to meet potential mentors and get involved in opportunities designed to broaden their knowledge and research experiences in energy, the environment, and other sustainability topics!

In the past, representatives have included: Bertrand Farm, Burns Research Laboratory, ND Energy – Energy Studies Minor, Student Energy Board, Slatt Research Fellowships, Environmental Change Initiative – Fellowships and Ambassador Program, Environmental Radiochemistry/Actinide Chemistry Research Laboratory, Go Research Laboratory, Great Lakes Project, GreeND, GreenScale Research Project, Guo Research Laboratory, Hixon Research Laboratory, Jones Research Laboratory – Freshwater Ecology, Kellogg and Kroc Institutes – Research Grants, International Scholars Program, International Development Studies Minor, Lightcap Research Laboratory – Making Fuels with Sunlight, Master of Global Affairs, Medvigy Research Laboratory, Minor in Sustainability, Molecular-level Energy and Mass Transport (MEMT) Research Laboratory, Notre Dame Career Center, Prairie Winds Nature Farm, Regional Environmental Action Network, IU-South Bend, Reilly Center, GLOBES Program, Unity Gardens, Urban Forestry Sustainability, W.A.T.E.R. Research Laboratory.

Look for the 2018 line up of Expo participants coming soon!

Call for 2018 Expo Participants

If you would like to participate in the 2018 Expo and share your program information with interested undergraduate students, please complete the brief questionnaire at the link below. The deadline is January 12, 2018. Thank you!


Questions may be directed to Barbara Villarosa and Rachel Novick

Sponsored by the Campus Coalition on Research and Education for Sustainability: Environmental Change Initiative, ND Energy, Reilly Center, and Minor in Sustainability