God's Energy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Abigail Mechtenberg

Saturday Science Exploration Series 

This talk will walk through the physics of energy as well as human issues around energy. With this physics-human energy integration, researchers ask: what happens when the affordable-reliable energy sources aren’t available? Join us as we also learn about the impact of energy crises across the world today. Whether it’s diesel supplies for the US military or how a lack of reliable electricity affects health of 1.2 billion people across the world, how does a Notre Dame physicist engage in this global dialogue? Hear about the issues and solutions being implemented by US military and Ugandans to solve their own energy crises and a brief discussion of the energy options of tomorrow. Afterward, join us in the galleria for physics of energy demonstrations and laboratories.

Presenter: Abigail Mechtenberg, Applied Physics, Assistant Teaching Professor Department of Physics, ND Energy, Research in Energy & Sustainable Development   


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