Come Join Us at the 20th Annual Energy Conference at the University of Notre Dame

Finding, Buying, Managing and Saving Energy

Registration is Free for customers and invited guests
Continental Breakfast and Lunch are provided to Conference attendees.

Where is our energy coming from and where will it come from as we navigate forward? What are the factors that will influence our energy production and consumption in the coming months and years? How Shale Gas is produced (drilling and hydraulic fracturing), regulated and contracted? What is Dodd Frank and CSPAR regulation and how will it affect you and suppliers? What lighting and energy conservation technologies, rebates and economics are available for energy buyers? What goals and strategies do some of my energy buying counterparts’ use when they look at natural gas? Find out what it all means for you and your organization’s bottom line in coming months! This informative one-day conference features exclusive, leading-edge insights from ConocoPhillips team members & energy industry experts. Get your grounding, and review practical advice. Discover how you can build a successful energy management strategy optimized to market conditions today, and into the future.

This is an educational conference designed to help inform and update attendees on the changing energy landscape facing governmental, commercial and industrial energy users. The conference is ideal for those who want to learn about the latest natural gas & energy issues – energy buyers, energy traders, energy managers, facility managers, purchasing managers, financial managers responsible for energy, building owners/operators, design engineers, plant engineers, AND engineering, technical or business students…plus, anyone else interested in surviving in today’s rapidly changing energy industry.

TUESDAY NIGHT, 10/23 – If you are in the area or come in the night before, Tuesday night, 10/23, join us at the Legends (574- 631-2582) located south of the football stadium at 6:00 pm for some food and beverages.

POWER PLANT TOUR – At the conclusion of the Conference, at 2:30pm Notre Dame has graciously agreed to provide a tour of the campus Power Plant. If you are interested in this optional tour, please check the appropriate Agenda Box below when you register.

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