The Future of Energy: Dreams and Responsibilities

Energy experts from around the world will gather to discuss the future of energy -- clean fossil fuels, next-generation solar applications, and other renewable energy solutions -- from current systems to promising technologies, as well as the responsibilities that accompany the development and use of such new knowledge. For additional information and to register for the program, visit:

See/print brochure for a detailed schedule of events as follows:

Peter Kilpatrick
, McCloskey Dean of Engineering
University of Notre Dame

Opening Remarks
Pat Rabbitte
, Minister for Communications
Energy & Natural Resources

Panel Session 1 — Next Generation Energy

MODERATORDavid Murphy, associate dean of entrepreneurship for the colleges of science and engineering and director of Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Masters Program at Notre Dame

Mazhar Bari, chief technology officer and co-founder

Thomas C. Corke, the Clark Equipment Professor of Aerospace
and Mechanical Engineering and founding director of the
Center for Flow Physics and Control
University of Notre Dame

Prashant Kamat, the Rev. John A. Zahm Professor of Science
University of Notre Dame

Don MacElroy, professor of chemical engineering and
principal investigator in the Advanced Biomimetic Materials
for Solar Energy Conversion Cluster
University College Dublin

Panel Session 2 — How Do We Get There?

MODERATOR: Rich Taylor, associate dean of science and professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Notre Dame

Thomas F. Degnan Jr., manager, Leads Generation and Breakthrough
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.

Mike Hogan, senior advisor
The Regulatory Assistance Project, US and Europe

Edward Maginn, professor and department chair of chemical and biomolecular engineering
University of Notre Dame

David McAuley, national delegate and contact point
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Closing Remarks
Mark Ferguson
, Director General
Science Foundation of Ireland

Keynote Speaker
Charles F. Bolden Jr.
, Administrator
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Sponsored by the College of Engineering, College of Science, and cSEND.