Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration 2011

Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration 2011 (RECS 2011) will be held June 5-15, 2011 in Birmingham, Alabama, for up to 30 participants including early career professionals, Ph.D. students, and graduate students with backgrounds in geology, chemistry, hydrology, physics, climate science, engineering, carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems, and related social science fields. The intensive 10-day program takes an interactive approach that combines classroom instruction with group exercises, CCS site visits, and hands-on field activities including geologic storage site characterization, CO2 monitoring, and modeling fluid flow in the subsurface. Topics covered by the RECS world-class faculty cover the range of scientific, technical, and policy issues associated with CCS deployment. RECS 2011 is currently under development; please check the program page for updates. Applications are due before April 15.