The History of the Early Manhattan Project: A Participant's Perspective

Presented by Milton Levenson, National Academy of Engineering.

Milton Levenson was elected to the NAE in 1976 for "contributions to fast reactor technology, nuclear fuel reprocessing, and especially the first remote-handling completely closed fuel-cycle plant." He has been involved in much of the history of nuclear science and engineering in the USA. He worked at Oak Ridge during the early Manhattan Project, led the technical team that responded to the Three Mile accident in 1979, and served on a special Soviet commission that investigated the Chernobyl accident. He held research positions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, and Bechtel, where he retired after being a vice president.

Levenson has served on more than 30 National Academy panels, including seven panels that he chaired. He has published more than 150 articles and holds three U.S. patents. He is Fellow and past president of the American Nuclear Society, Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and has been awarded the American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Robert E. Wilson award.