Student Energy Board



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Who We Are!

The Student Energy Board (SEB) are instrumental in designing and executing many of ND Energy’s campus and community outreach activities. They are the driving force behind Energy Week and community K-12 outreach. SEB members share their common interests through engagements with faculty, students, and the broader community. To learn more about recent activities and opportunities, visit the Outreach pages of our website.

Student Energy Board Communications Team (SEBCT)

New in spring 2023, a group of SEB members volunteered to serve on a communications team for the purpose of creating a pathway for students to ask questions, share ideas, and seek knowledge about sustainable energy research and other related topics of interest. The SEBCT also contributes to ND Energy's communications strategy and creates content for news stories and social media posts. Learn more and meet the SEBCT here



Student Energy Board Membership

Membership is open to all Notre Dame undergraduate students. Board members serve a one-year term from January through December. Students who will be studying abroad are welcome to engage during their time on campus. Seniors participate in an abbreviated term from January to May.

Please direct any questions to Anne Berges Pillai.



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