Elective Courses

Any energy-related course offered by the colleges and schools at Notre Dame may be used as an elective. This list varies from semester to semester. Use the ENST attribute in Class Search to find current approved electives. Additional courses, including those taken abroad, may be acceptable with pre-approval. 

Spring 2018 - Elective Course Offerings
Air Quality and Reactive Transport CE 40420         
Analysis and Modeling of Hydrologic Systems CE 40456 CE 60456       
Biological Physics PHYS 30402        
Business of Energy ENER 20202 MGTO 20715      
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I CBE 20260        
Compressible Aerodynamics AME 30332         
Concepts of Energy and the Environment PHYS 10052        
Continuum Mechanics AME 60624         
Corporate Sustainability Reporting MGTO30680         
Electric Machinery and Power Systems EE 30372        
Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles EE 40472        
Electromagnetic Waves PHYS 30472         
Energy and the Environment PHYS 10052        
Engineering Physics PHYS 10310         
Environmental Aquatic Chemistry CE 20320        
Environmental Chemistry CHEM 20204 STV 20306      
Environmental Economics and Policy  ECON 30531 HESB 30321 STV 20306    
Fundamentals of Combustion AME 60636        
General Ecology BIOS 30312        
Global Change, Water and Energy CE 10300 CE 20300      
Heat Transfer AME 30334        
Intermediary Metabolism CHEM 30342         
Intermediate Heat Transfer AME 60634        
International Politics of Climate Change POLS 30263 SUS 30263 HESB 30317 STV 30263 ASIA 30263
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis CBE 20255        
Introduction to Nuclear Physics  PHYS 50701         
Land Use Policy and Practice FIN 30710        
Mass Transfer Membrane Systems CBE 40667         
Mechanics II AME 20222        
Nanoscience and Technology CHEM 40477 CBE 40477       
Our Global Environment: History and the Anthropocene HIST 30993 IDS 30407 SUS 43402 HESB 30597 STV 30193 
Photonics EE 40468        
Physical Biochemistry CHEM 30338        
Physical Chemistry for Engineers CHEM 30324         
Polymer: Principle to Practice CHEM 40438        
Principles of Biochemistry CHEM 40420        
Principles of Molecular Engineering CBE 40725         
Principles of Physics II: the Physics of Civilization PHYS 10222        
Process Design CBE 40448        
Scientific Entrepreneurship SC 40500        
Social Factors & Sustainability: Effects of the Built Environment on Health & Well-Being ARCH 40312 PSY 33685      
Spatio-Temporal Statistics for Environmental Applications ACMS 40855        
Sustainability and Collapse ANTH 13200 ANTH 13200 SUS 23200    
Sustainability: Principles and Practices SUS 20010 POLS 40490      
Sustainable Development in a Changing World CE 10700 CE 20300      
Sustainable Development: The Role of Business MGTO 30730         
The Global Environment: Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism and Nature HESB 30597 IDS 30407 IIPS 30928 STV 30193  
Theoretical and Experimental Aerodynamics AME 30333        
Thermodynamics AME 20231        
Topics in Sustainable Business MGTO 30790         
Transport Phenomena II CBE 30356         
Wind Energy CE 40440 CE 60440      
Wind Turbine Performance, Control and Design AME 40530        

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