Elective Courses

Any energy-related course offered by the colleges and schools at Notre Dame may be used as an elective. This list varies from semester to semester. Use the ENST attribute in Class Search to find current approved electives. Additional courses, including those taken abroad, may be acceptable with pre-approval. 

Fall 2018 - Elective Course Offerings
Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CBE60553      
Appalachia: Land and People HIS30027 SUS30027    
Chemical Engng Thermodyn I CBE20260      
Chemical Reaction Engineering CBE40445      
Climate Change and Armed Conflict IIPS40406 SUS40406    
Computational Fluid Dynamics AME50532      
Earth Focus PHYS10033 PHYS20333    
Electricity & Magnetism PHYS30471      
Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering CBE40435      
Environmental Justice BIOS50544 PHIL43308 STV43396  
Environmental Systems I ARCH40411      
Environmental Systems II ARCH70441      
Environmental Biotechnology CE40330      
Fundamentals of Semiconductors EE30347      
Gas Turbines and Propulsion AME40431      
General Ecology BIOS30312 SUS30312    
Geochemistry CE40300 SC40300    
Global Perspectives on Urban Sustainability CE20701      
Inter Fluid Mechanics AME60635      
Intermediate Heat Transfer AME60634      
Intl. Pol. of Climate Change POLS30263      
Intro Environmental Engr CE30300      
Intro to Chemical Engineering CBE20255      
Paleoclimatology CE40365      
Photovoltaic Sys. Des. for Eng AME50539      
Physical Chemistry I CHEM30321      
Physical Gas Dynamics AME60632      
Physics C: Thermo and Relativity Physics PHY20433      
Physics for Astrophysics PHY50201      
Physics of Cells PHY50401      
Polymer Science & Engineering CBE40457      
Radioactivity & Society PHYS10063 PHYS20063    
Resiliency of Eng Systems CE20710      
Science & Strategy of Nucl War PHYS20065      
Science, Technology, and Society C&DT20510 STV20556 ANTHR20556 KSGA20999
Soc Con Sem: Energy & Climate CSC33985      
Soc. Factors & Sustainability ARCH40312 PSY33685    
Sp Rsch: Sustainable Dsgn/Tech ARCH67611      
Special Studies: Designing Energy Efficient Buildings CBE47431      
Statistical Mechanics 1 CHEM40641      
Sustainability: Princ & Pract ANTH20011 STV20010 SUS20010  
Thermal Physics PHYS30461      
Transport Phenomena I CBE30355      
Transportation Engineering CE40620      

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