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The Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy) is a University Research Center whose mission is to foster and grow energy-related research toward sustainable and affordable energy solutions, to support energy-related education and outreach throughout the Notre Dame and surrounding communities, and to influence the national and global discussions of the most pressing energy policy issues and questions of our time. ND Energy plays a pivotal role in developing new and improved energy technologies and systems and focuses on developing engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and social scientists to be leaders in their disciplines and literate in the systems of energy production and use. 


Notre Dame announces collaboration with AT&T for online master’s degree in data science

August 30, 2016

University of Notre Dame

In a data-driven economy, industry leaders rely increasingly on skilled professionals who can see the significance in data and use it to solve business challenges, create new opportunities and shape change. With a growing need for skilled data scientists, the University of Notre Dame, in collaboration with AT&T, has announced its new online master of science degree with a specialization in data science. This degree program will prepare graduates for careers as data scientists in a wide range of industry fields fields including management, marketing, information technology, government policy, health care, finance, education and scientific research.

Nanoparticles with a Big Environmental Impact

August 30, 2016 • Categories: ND Energy

Consider that a human hair is anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 nanometers in size. A plasmonic nanoparticle, which is a nanoparticle made of noble metals like gold and silver, at their largest are just 100 nanometers, but pack a big punch.

Building a Better Future for STEM Education

August 03, 2016

ND Energy just wrapped up its seventh consecutive Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) program, engaging seven teachers from area high schools for seven weeks of energy-related research. In addition to being part of a laboratory research team and delving into scientific topics, teachers participated in the Curriculum Development Institute, provided by Notre Dame’s Center for STEM Education. They also interacted with representatives of the business community to learn more about skills and job opportunities important to the future of their students.…

Igniting Stellar Imaginations through an Integrated STEAM Approach to Learning

August 03, 2016

Art2science Frame 1

On July 20 and 21, ND Energy participated in the weeklong Art 2 Science Summer Camp sponsored by Notre Dame’s Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics, Center for the Evolution of Elements (JINA-CEE) in the Jordan Hall of Science. The event drew nearly 160 area students ranging from second to eighth grades. Young scientists rotated around to 24 different stations during the week, learning about science, technology, engineering, and math through creative art activities (STEM + art = STEAM).

ND Energy Announces Plans for Energy Week 2016

August 03, 2016

Energy Week Logo

A full slate of energy-related events is being scheduled for the week of Oct. 2 as ND Energy prepares for its annual Energy Week. Celebrating its 10th year, the week will feature academic lectures and interactive events with the goal of increasing awareness of energy issues. This year’s emphasis will be on our own campus and many of the initiatives Notre Dame is undertaking to tackle the energy challenges here and around the world. Energy Week will also kick-off the Solar Series

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2016 Energy Week - MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

Sun Oct 2, 2016

The 2016 Notre Dame Energy Week will be held October 2nd through October 8th. Celebrating its 10th year, the week will feature academic lectures and interactive events with the goal of increa...

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Energy Seminar - Reinventing the City: Nature as Muse

Thu Oct 6, 2016 • 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Abstract: Today’s cities are diffuse and rely heavily on large inputs, outputs and linear flows of energy and materials. Although these patterns certainly produce value and quality of life, ...

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