Thomas Coates

Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Sergey Leonov

Nanosecond resolution camera imaging of a single-pin streamer electric discharge

This undergraduate student project is a part of extensive work performed in collaboration with Princeton University. The entire experimental research focuses on the dynamics of volumetric charge and energy dissipation in the case of a single pin electrode streamer corona electric discharge generated in an open atmosphere (P = 1 bar) with alternating polarity high-voltage waveform. Recent studies show that surface electric charge deposited by the high-voltage pulse discharge greatly affects the discharge parameters and morphology. In addition, a similar behavior was found out for a volumetric single-pin discharge. This type of discharge produces waves of volumetric electric charge concomitant with a redistribution of electric field that significantly influences the discharge pattern. An understanding of the effects of space charge on the discharge characteristics is one of the most important for the study of low-temperature plasmas; however, it has been largely underexplored due to the unavailability of a proper measurement tool. The particular portion of this work includes the visualization of the discharge morphology with a nanosecond resolution. The work will consist of the discharge triggering with a low jitter technique, use of ISSD camera for a detailed visualization, and mapping of the discharge pattern vs the phase of propagation.