Robert Crawford


Faculty Advisor: John Onyango

Winter 2020-21 Project: Solar Energy Potential in South Bend

Among the various ways in which cities and groups across the country are attempting to mitigate climate change, the American Institute of Architects is promoting the “2030 Challenge,” which seeks to make all new buildings and renovations carbon-neutral by the year 2030. One efficient way to achieve this goal involves retrofitting existing housing with non-polluting solar generation devices. This research examines the potential energy savings from retrofitting solar panels to the roofs of buildings in South Bend, specifically those buildings in the block defined by E Angela Blvd, Napoleon St, and Duey St. Using GIS maps to generate roof geometries and information from the latest available solar panels on the market would provide an estimate of the energy production that can be added to South Bend’s grid. The data gathered from this research could have larger implications for the city of South Bend, as the long-term energy savings could encourage the implementation of solar panels across the city.