Perfect Mfashijwenimana

Electrical Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Abigail Mechtenberg

Empowering Rwandans to Power Rwanda: Model predictive control for noise characteristics in locally built devices

One difference between locally built devices in Rwanda and imported devices arises from the manufacturing process where many imported devices built by robots limit the labor opportunities needed in Rwanda. In Rwanda, unemployment is 17% or almost six times the rate in the US. However, locally built devices can create higher levels of noise not currently considered in charge controllers for minigrids. This research project seeks to configure minigrid charge controlling electronic devices accordingly balancing the model predictive control (MCP) algorithms with the noise uncertainties. My major research goal is to create a control algorithm that differentiates noise characteristics of various energy devices built by the Rwandan energy team at University of Rwanda, a collaboration with Dr. Mechtenberg for over a year. In addition, understanding this will lead to creating a charge controller that can interface with multiple energy sources.