Norbert Xavier Ramos Lopez

University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jason Hicks

Biofuels Project

We live in a world dominated by energy derived from fossil fuels and while they are great at producing energy, the toll it takes on the environment is too much. To me there is not one specific alternative energy that is "the best". The most efficient alternative energy can always depend on the location or circumstances. A windy place could be best benefited by wind power and a place close to a big water source, a type of membrane-based process could work best. Therefore, I believe every technique of producing cleaner energy should be studied and continually improved. When the time comes to start implementing cleaner ways to produce energy, we can find the best fit depending on the circumstances.

If I had to choose, one of the areas I am most interested in is biofuels. Most transportation methods in the world and a lot of machines use combustion engines. Biofuels are the only viable option that can replace fossil fuels and be used in already existing engines. This would be a great place to start since the changes would not be so drastic that people would find hard to follow. If biofuels could be developed to a degree in which some day, they can completely replace fossil fuels the positive effect it could have in climate change would be incalculable.