Melanie Perez

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Svetlana Neretina

Fabrication of Arrays of Gold Hexagonal Nanoplates on Sapphire using Brij-700 Surfactant

This project will focus on the synthesis of Au nanoplates. Such nanoplates are well-recognized for their catalytic properties as well as a strong localized surface plasmon resonance in the visible and near-infrared spectrum which gives rise to enhanced near-fields at their tips. Using a dip catalyst modality, the catalytic and photocatalytic properties of highly faceted substrate-immobilized Au nanoplates will be assessed. They will be synthesized using a nanoimprint lithography combined with wet chemistry. This project will give insights on the inner workings of the future of solar cell technology which will one day improve efficiency, hence increasing demand, of reliable systems that yield high electrical power. The project aims to improve uniform hexagonal nano-plate arrays, which will act as energy catalysts that will be implemented in solar cell technology. Thus, the research aims to develop these energy catalysts in a consistent way with a structured procedure. 

Melanie Perez Final Report