Marrero Cabrera

Universidad del Sagrado Corazon

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Na Wei

Biofuels Project

I’m most interested in studying new energy sources, because I believe that we have what we need right in our environment, and we just need to work with it. One of my favorite topics is bioremediation, where we work with our environment to fix the problem we caused. Also, I believe the best remedy is education on all levels about our planet and how it works so we can take care of it. Through my research with microbial fuel cells, I became fascinated about how these microbes survive their environments. We worked with facultative anaerobes. What’s amazing about these little guys is they fight to survive. If their environment has oxygen, they start produce ATP by respiration. But if oxygen is absent they go and do fermentation. That’s quite some survival skills. They also do electron transfer that may produce electricity through redoxreactions. Our world has survived so many things, and it's still here. We just need to give it the little push to heal. It may seem that there’s only fossil fuels, but there is so much more. We have ethanol, solar power, and biodiesel, among so many others. I hope to learn about all these energy sources and how to apply or develop one of my own. I know the University of Notre Dame can give me that experience to guide me to changing the world.