Kimberly Riordan


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emily Tsui

Targeting a trigonal pyramidal sulfur radical for battery applications

Lithium-sulfur batteries are comparable to lithium-ion batteries and have the potential for higher energy density. In lithium-sulfur batteries, sulfur is used as the cathode, so understanding its radical chemistry is important (1). This research project focuses on synthesizing a sulfur-based radical species. Imada, et al. have published a sulfur radical with T-shape geometry at the sulfur atom. By changing the geometry to a trigonal pyramidal sulfur radical (2-centered, 3-electron bond), the electronics of the radical are altered (2). This geometry is unknown for sulfur, and we hypothesize that these orbital changes will lead to novel properties for better applications in lithium-sulfur batteries.

(1) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 479−482
(2) Anklam, E.; Margaretha, P. Organic Sulfuranyl Radicals. Research on Chemical Intermediates 1989, 11, 127-155.