Erick Mendez Rios

University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Edward Maginn

Energy Storage Project

Until now I have enjoyed the theoretical energy related topics of many classes I have taken and would like to be able to engage directly with some of these topics. Out of the many topics, and areas of this field I am mainly interested in energy conversion and efficiency, because this is one of the main limiting factors faced after power is generated. No matter how much energy is generated there is always a percentage of loss when it is distributed and used. Advances in this area can greatly lower the needs of power generation, lowering the impact in the environment and minimizing long term costs for individuals. This at the same time favors the use of bio friendly ways of generating the needed electricity, like windmills and solar panels.

Research and projects in this field have the potential of impacting multiple areas of energy use and storage. Better energy conversion makes us be more versatile in how we handle the multiple types of energy we have access to. This in turn leads the way to new technologies that in the long term benefits and revolutionizes the way we live and use the world around us.