Alex Tullman


Faculty Advisor: Ian Lightcap

Winter 2020-21 Project: Can Coating Power Transmission Lines with Graphene Increase Conduction Efficiency?

This current research project is looking primarily to discover whether or not increases in the efficiency of conductivity over aluminum wires can be achieved by utilization of a graphene-based coating. We hope to start with small scale aluminum wires and gradually work to design a coating process for industrial transmission wires, with the end goal of creating a commercial effort to coat new transmission wires in the energy grid. With this research, we hope to first discover the effect that a graphene coating has on conduction efficiency. If this is successful in small scales, small wires, we will move on to industrial sized wires. If we are able to demonstrate the same increase in conductive efficiency at this scale, we will then turn our attention to developing a scalable method of application.