ND Energy Postdoctoral

The ND Energy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is intended to strengthen faculty research programs and to enhance the development of new research directions and preliminary data acquisition necessary for new proposals to external agencies. The goals of the program are to (1) enhance energy-related research at Notre Dame, (2) build a community of postdoctoral scholars in energy research, and (3) support the development of outstanding scholars. The recipients will be ND Energy Postdoctoral Fellows.

Fellowships will be awarded for one year with the option for a second year renewal, depending on research results and available funding. ND Energy will provide funding for 50% of salary and benefits, $2,500 for travel, and $2,500 for user fees for core research facilities at Notre Dame. Postdoc Fellows will participate in lectures, publications, outreach activities, and research presentations at conferences, national meetings, and other research-focused events, including those organized by ND Energy. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are due the last day of each month. All Postdoctoral Research Associates currently employed or recruited by ND Energy affiliated faculty may apply. All appointment requirements must be met and processed through the hiring department. 

Application Process

  • Applicants will be considered from individuals having a 50% salary commitment to work on research from an ND Energy affiliated faculty member at the University. Current employment at the University is not a requirement – this competition is open to individuals who are current postdoctoral employees, as well as those under consideration for postdoctoral appointment.
  • Applicants will submit a proposal and supplemental documentation as described below. Applications should focus on energy-related research objectives, anticipated developments and outcomes, and any new research as a result of the fellowship. Additionally, the academic success of the candidate and her/his suitability to the proposed research project should be emphasized.
  • The application must include a letter from the sponsoring faculty member providing a commitment to advise the applicant and to provide 50% of the salary and benefits from available research funds.

Proposal Format

  • Maximum two pages (not including supplemental documents), single spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins, with the following information:
    • Name of applicant, proposed department, phone, email address
    • Name of faculty adviser, department, phone, email address
    • Project title
    • Brief abstract delineating major research goals
    • Background and importance of proposed work
    • Project description, including major tasks for each major goal, tentative timeline, and anticipated developments and outcomes
  • Proposals must include the following supplemental documents:
    • A list of cited references
    • Applicant’s CV, including list of publications, abstracts, and significant publications
    • Applicant’s Graduate School official transcripts

Required Supporting Documents

  • Nomination Letter: The applicant’s proposed Notre Dame faculty advisor must submit a nomination letter on the applicant’s behalf that addresses the strengths of the applicant, the merits of the research proposal, how the applicant’s work supports the mission of ND Energy, and how the applicant’s work will contribute to the growth of her/his research programs. This letter should describe selected future objectives for external proposals, and how the postdoctoral fellow will contribute to these efforts.
  • Letters of Recommendation: At least two letters of recommendation must be submitted on behalf of the applicant by individuals outside of the University of Notre Dame. 

Criteria for Selection

  • Applicants must have received their PhD and have met all appointment requirements by the University.  
  • The proposed work must be energy-related and consistent with the mission of ND Energy (all energy-related fields are eligible).
  • Proposals will be rated on the following by an independent panel:
    • Intellectual merit
    • Novelty/quality of work to be completed
    • Ability to meet project goals


  • Proposals, supplemental documents, and required supporting documents are due electronically in pdf format to Barbara Villarosa by 5:00 PM on the last day of each month.
  • Proposals will be funded until resources are depleted. Prior to preparing an application, candidates should contact Barbara Villarosa to verify availability of funds.
  • A committee designated by the Director will review proposals. Candidates will be informed of decisions within two weeks of the close of each monthly application period.
  • Funding will be available immediately. Fellows must begin their appointment at Notre Dame within six months.


  • Projects will be assessed quarterly through the submission of quarterly progress reports by the fellows and faculty advisors.
  • Output from research projects will be included in the ND Energy Annual Report. This includes the expectation that fellowship funding will result in publications, the creation of new research proposals, and eventual streams of external funding. 
  • Fellows will acknowledge ND Energy in all publications, public presentations, websites, and other electronic and print materials related to their research. Below is a standard acknowledgement statement.
    • I/we thank ND Energy for supporting my/our research and (my) professional development through the ND Energy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.
  • Fellows and their faculty advisors will affiliate with ND Energy on all externally funded research proposals and awards that result from the research project.
  • Fellows will participate in ND Energy sponsored meetings, seminars, and special programs to build community and promote research collaborations.
  • Fellows will participate in service projects including education and outreach programs one day per month to support the ND Energy mission and to broaden the impact of energy related research at Notre Dame. 

For more information, contact Barbara Villarosa at 574-631-4776 or bvillaro@nd.edu.