Undergraduate Research & Education Expo


Undergraduate students at Notre Dame are invited each year to the Undergraduate Sustainability Research & Education Expo. Held late January/early February, the expo provides a one-stop-shop for students to learn about research and educational opportunities in energy, the environment, and other sustainability studies, matching their interests with programs at Notre Dame and throughout the local community. Faculty seeking research assistants, educators seeking new students, and community leaders and representatives seeking interns are on hand to discuss how students can get involved.

Some groups and organizations represented in the past have been: Bertrand Farm, Burns Research Laboratory, Environmental Change Initiative, Environmental Radiochemistry/Actinide Chemistry Research Laboratory, Food Rescue US, Fund for the Public Interest, Go Research Laboratory, Great Lakes Project, GreeND, GreenScale Research Project, Guo Research Laboratory, Hixon Research Laboratory, Jones Research Laboratory – Freshwater Ecology, Kellogg and Kroc Institutes, Lightcap Research Laboratory – Making Fuels with Sunlight, Master of Global Affairs, Medvigy Research Laboratory, Minor in Sustainability, Molecular-level Energy and Mass Transport (MEMT) Research Laboratory, ND Energy – Energy Studies Minor, Student Energy Board, and Slatt Research Fellowships, Notre Dame Career Center, Prairie Winds Nature Farm, Regional Environmental Action Network of IU-South Bend, Reilly Center and GLOBES Program, Student Government, UNDERC, Unity Gardens, Urban Forestry Sustainability, and W.A.T.E.R. Research Laboratory. 

Read about the 2018 Expo here. Contact Barbara Villarosa at 574-631-4776 or bvillaro@nd.edu for more information and to get involved.