2016 Distinguished Lectures

Distinguished Lectures 2

This program is designed to bring nationally recognized experts from academia, industry, and government to Notre Dame to discuss best practices, new technologies, and policy developments in energy. Lectures focus on topics most important to faculty and students at Notre Dame.

During 2016, the following lectures were hosted by ND Energy:

Got Married, Bought Solar: Which Was the Bad Decision? featured George S. Howard, PhD, professor emeritus in Notre Dame’s Department of Psychology. The author of many books and articles that investigate ecological psychology, Howard also has hands-on business experience through his interaction with Inovateus Solar. His presentation explored the complexities of convincing ourselves to invest in solar as individuals and as a society.

A Solar Panel: Making Solar Power a Reality brought together three panelists for a discussion about the technological, business, and policy sides of the future of solar power. Dr. Randall Ellingson, professor from The University of Toledo, Nicholas Strevel, senior manager from First Solar, and Joseph Karrasch, manager of asset investments/renewables from American Electric Power (AEP) offered their views of the current and future state of solar energy in the United States.

For more information or to get involved, contact Anne Berges Pillai, Education and Outreach Associate Program Director, at 574-631-9106 or apillai@nd.edu.