Notre Dame’s Energy Future…Growing Greener

Tuesday, August 25, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

In 2019, the University of Notre Dame beat its own sustainability goal by burning its last piece of coal a year ahead of schedule. Carbon emissions are down by 50% based on the gross square footage of campus, compared to 2005 baseline levels, a goal that had been set for 2030. Now the University is collaborating with the city of South Bend to complete a hydroelectric generation facility on the St. Joseph River, which will provide 7% of the campus’ electrical needs by the summer of 2021. This summer, the local utility company, Indiana Michigan Power (IMP), announced that it will partner with the University of Notre Dame to construct its largest solar generating facility, St. Joseph Solar Farm. Paul Kempf, assistant vice president for utilities and maintenance, has been involved with energy at Notre Dame from the time his father was in charge of the power plant. He and his team are always looking forward, working on ways to reduce Notre Dame’s carbon footprint. This virtual presentation and conversation with Paul Kempf will cover the past, present, and future of energy at Notre Dame.

About Paul Kempf

A Notre Dame alumnus and registered professional engineer, Kempf joined the University in 1989 as an electrical engineer in the Utilities Department, following in the steps of his father, who was also a Notre Dame alumnus and director of the University’s power plant. Both electrical engineering alumni, they each chose to use their talents to serve the operations of the University. Paul Kempf became director of utilities in 1999 and gained additional responsibilities as the director of maintenance in 2013. Kempf is responsible for the operation of the University’s power plant and heating system, the distribution of all centrally produced utilities and the maintenance of more than 11 million gross square feet of campus facilities. He directs a staff of over 100 University employees and more than 100 contractors who support the University in maintenance, repairs and utility projects across campus.

Students attending this event will earn a chance to win $20 in Domer Dollars at the end of Energy Week. Details will be announced at the beginning of the program.

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