What’s It Really Like? – Energy Research at Notre Dame

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While ND Energy’s Student Energy Board (SEB) was brainstorming about what kind of event would be most meaningful for students at Notre Dame, the consensus was that most undergraduate students didn’t know exactly what kind of energy research was being done on campus and what it would be like to work as a researcher. This lead to the creation of What’s It Really Like?—Energy Research at ND.

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During the week of April 4, ND Energy affiliated faculty met with small groups of students to have informal conversations about their work. Over fifty students took advantage of this opportunity. Faculty who participated in this unique experience are listed below along with their primary area(s) of energy research.

Thomas Degnan – Catalysis, Energy Efficiency and Consumption, Petroleum and Natural Gas

Vijay Gupta – Building and Energy Consumption, Electricity and Smart Grid Technology, PEV/PHEV Integration

Amy Hixon – Nuclear Energy

Prashant Kamat – Solar Photovoltaics, Solar to Fuels/Chemicals

Ian Lightcap – Energy Conversion, Graphene-Nanoparticle

Edward Maginn – Carbon Capture and Conversion, Nuclear Energy, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Storage of Energy

William Phillip – Water Purification, Energy Efficient Separations

Ginger Sigmon – Materials Science of Actinides

Ashley Thrall – Energy Efficiency and Consumption

Mark Wistey – Solar Photovoltaics

Physics junior Ray Yang enjoyed the tour of Dr. Kamat’s lab. “The Radiation Laboratory tour given by Dr. Kamat was amazing. We visited different parts of the lab and interacted with his fellow graduate students who showed us demonstrations of what they were doing, and Dr. Kamat actually guided us to arrive at the scientific conclusions of some of the researches by ourselves. All in all, it was very successful, and we should definitely do it again!”